Email Deliverability Audits

Our Email Deliverability Audit will identify your email issues, determine their root causes, and fix them. Learn why your emails go to the junk folder and how to stay out of it.

We look at three major areas that impact email deliverability in your program to determine is health: Authentication, Engagement, and List Management.  Once we’ve reviewed each area and identified the likely causes, we provide recommendations to fix them in our audit report.   With over a decade of email experience, we can also help clients to implement any or all of the recommendations.

  • Authentication looks at the technical implementation of your deliverability.  We review and provide corrections for your SPF, DKIM, or DMARC records.  If you are already running DMARC we will review the reports in your processor or help you create a record and pick a processor if you’re not.  Then evaluate whether you’re ready to move beyond reporting policies and if there is any spoofing activity that would necessitate a move.  While it’s easy to check if a record is valid, that doesn’t mean that mail is authenticating or that your record is current. We look at headers in your emails along with DMARC reports to go beyond simple syntax checks and really determine what fully passes and what fails in authentication and most importantly, why.
  • Engagement is measured by the actions that subscribers take within emails that are visible to ISPs.  ISPs use subscriber behavior to signal whether mail is wanted or unwanted.  Some examples of positive behaviors are: adding sender to the address books, opening emails, marking emails as not junk/spam, replying to emails, printing emails or moving emails between folders.  Some examples of negative behaviors are deleting emails without opening them, marking/moving emails to the junk folder, reporting email as spam/abuse complaints, etc.  Glasner Consulting looks at how subscribers are engaging with your email marketing campaigns using Bounces, Complaints and Opens, the three metrics that show engagement available to most senders. In addition to examining the metrics we’ll also check major templates for rendering issues that can kill engagement.
  • List Management is building and maintaining a clean list.  The core of this is strong permission practices and regularly addressing subscriber inactivity.   Other examples of list hygiene would be using email validation to check addresses either on the fly or in batches.  Reviewing activity by source to limit unknown user (hard) bounces, along with your ESP’s automatic processing and removal of bounces.   Addressing valid but in-active emails with strategies such as win-back or re-permission campaigns, validation and when to remove older in-active subscribers.

Deliverability Audits typically run $2,500 to $4,500 depending on client’s program size and number of problems found.

Want to look at all aspects of your program?   Try our full Email Marketing Audit.