Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services

Whether you would like to start a new program or increase the efficiency and profitability of your existing email marketing program, Glasner Consulting can help.  Glasner Consulting offers services covering all aspects of email marketing.

Email Marketing Strategy

Looking to increase revenue from your email marketing investment?  Glasner Consulting understands email’s strategic role as the backbone to driving digital commerce.   Email marketing is continually shown to have the highest ROI of any marketing channel.  If you need to do more with less, investing in your email program is a smart choice.

  • Strategic email program review to determine how to best use email to reach organizational goals.
  • Email engagement and win back programs to extend customer lifespan.
  • Welcome Series, abandon cart and other trigger messaging strategies to increase revenue.
  • Cross channel email integration with search and social media to build engagement, loyalty and sales.

Email Marketing Analysis

When it comes to analyzing your email data, who better to choose than the person that lead the development of industry standards for email metrics?  Some example email marketing analysis projects include:

  • Email testing programs that optimize email conversion rates and average revenue per email.
  • Use statistical analysis techniques to build subscriber profiles and map their life cycle
  • Build trigger messaging logic based upon purchase and email response data.
  • Determine your subscribers value, lifespan and behavior patterns.
  • Customer-Offer matching utilizing dynamic content delivery to deliver the right offer at the right time to the right subscriber.

Email APIs & Technical Implementation

Need help with tying your website to your email marketing tool or properly tagging your email and site to track behavior?   Glasner Consulting offers API development services and has experience working with numerous ESPs from entry level tools to high-end platforms.  Glasner Consulting understands how to make your ESP talk to your database. Some sample projects in this area include:

  • Analytics tracking via Google Analytics to understand what subscribers do AFTER they click through.
  • API coding to pass data from your back-end to your ESP or to receive data from various sources.
  • Setup or migrate your existing account from one provider to another painlessly.  No more program down time between moves or lengthy overlap periods driving up costs.