Email Deliverability Services

Email Deliverability Audits

Deliverability audits review your program based on 3 areas: Authentication, Engagement, and List Management to find the issues impacting your program and tell you how to fix them.

DMARC Implementations:

During DMARC Implementation I setup the DMARC record and help you to choose a DMARC processor if you have not already done so.   Next, we review your DMARC record, looking for systems that fail DMARC, typically due to domain misalignment.  After we’ve updated your SPF and DKIM records as necessary, we begin to move through the two stricter policies of quarantine and then reject.  A quarantine policy tells ISPs to junk unauthenticated mail, while a reject policy instructs them to bounce mail.   Once a full reject policy is successfully in place, we can also setup BIMI records as well.

Ongoing Deliverability Services

Glasner Consulting will monitor your deliverability for you over time.  We monitor your IPs for black listing, review DMARC reports to check for authentication failures and provide fixes for either should a problem arise.  We also provide list validation services through our partners to help with list hygiene.  Ongoing deliverability services typically meet monthly, as well as needed for deliverability questions or issues.